Mens Zombie Costume
Mens Zombie Costume

To zombie or not to zombie? Is there really even a question? Zombie Costumes are a Halloween classic and among the most popular costumes every year and they are wholly versatile because no matter what costume you choose, it can be “zombified.”
Just try it: Want to be a clown? How about being a Zombie clown with a hatchet in a bloody back and a detached arm dangling down. Want to be a cowboy? Zombie Cowboy with the traditional cowboy hat, toy gun, boots and a western shirt, then add arrows sticking out of your body with plenty of blood coming out. Add zombie face makeup. Perfect. Any costume idea you have can be zombie up with a little gory make-up and fake blood.

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The simplest zombies are done by making the face pale with clown white base makeup and then adding dark circles under the eyes and black lips. Other zombie musts are to rip the outfit. Whether you’re wearing a simple suit or fancy costume, tears and rips are important to the look. Next, you must have fake blood and lots of it. Add it to your face, hands, feet and any other body parts that show. Add blood to the distressed areas of your clothing and any gory-looking goo that you can.

Girls Zombie Costume
Girls Zombie Costume

While zombie costumes are easy to make from any costume, here are a few you might not have thought of:

Little Red Riding Hood Zombie

That sweet red satin cape and little black dress looks darling, but zombify your face with the white makeup and dark circles, a few blood spatters here and there, messy up-do and ripped stockings and fill your little basket with bloody body parts.

Zombie Super Hero

Super hero costumes are everywhere, but take your Spiderman to the next level. The mask takes care of the face, so all you have to do is tear the suit and add tons of fake blood and gore. Any superhero can be zombieized, even Wonder Woman.

Disney Zombie

You have your Belle or Jasmine costume from last year but you don’t want to do that again. So, make a Snow White Zombie. Blood, zombie makeup, messy hair, torn or dirty clothing makes any Disney princess into a Disney Zombie.

Teen Zombie Costume
Teen Zombie Costume

Santa Zombie

Ho, ho, hold on. Can you really do a Santa Zombie? You probably want to stay away from the kiddies that night, but yeah, Santa can be zombified, too. The white face isn’t quite as dramatic along with Santa’s traditional white beard and white trimmed hat, so go a little green or yellow with your base make up.

Zombie Cheerleader

That cute, perky short skirt and pom-poms look downright creepy when dripping with blood. A bloody face or severe “head wound” is easily seen between a cheerleaders pigtails.

Kids Zombie Hunter Costume
Kids Zombie Hunter Costume

To really make your zombie costume perfect, you need to walk the walk and talk the talk. Stagger around like you barely have strength to walk. Dragging a limb, especially a wounded one is effective.  Moan, groan and gasp with the pain of your horrible wounds. Let your jaw hang down, talk in non-cohesive sentences and gibberish. Mumble your words and fall around on people and furniture.

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