Boys Wolverine Costume
Boys Wolverine Kids Costume

The next to feature in our list of costume ideas is X-Men Halloween costumes to help bring that “X” factor in you alive. Ever since the comic book heroes took life on the big screen and reached out to the world at large, they have simply blown everyone’s fantasy away. By sheer uncanny talent, the men and women of this team caught the imagination of everyone who saw them and each new movie version with its thrilling plot simply made the last one pale in comparison.

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The advantage in selecting X-Men costumes is the wide range of characters to choose from without overlapping into the other; certainly a plus when you have a large group to go with and each one can choose to portray the character that suits their individual style. There’s one for everyone so there’s no duplication.

Whether it’s Wolverine, Cyclops, Lady Deathstrike, Phoenix, Mystique, Magneto, Emma Frost, Rogue, Beast, Storm or any of the earlier X-Men characters like Shadowcat, Sabretooth, Banshee, Iceman, Deadpool, Juggernaut, or Toad; each of them has a unique character and profile that is identifiable.

Sexy Emma Frost Costume
Womens Sexy Emma Frost Costume

Perhaps the most enduring of all X-Men, the Wolverine costume with its trademark blue and yellow black belted jumpsuit and the X-Men buckle, the eye mask in black and yellow and the claws is one that will hold anyone’s fancy and make many envious. Deathstrike’s black spandex is a standout and Mystique’s blue body hugging suit is what every girl may want to slip into. Sabretooth’s long nails and savage look, Colossus’ buffed body with silver body paint, the unmistakable yellow jacket for the gum chewing Jubilee, a set of wings for the Archangel or the helmet for the inimitable Juggernaut, these are the features that create unique identities. Storm’s platinum white hair that signifies homage to the clouds has remained a constant over the years and the signature “X” on her belt buckle is unmistakable.

Adult Storm X-Men Costume
Adult Women’s Storm Costume

There are many ways you can make your own X-Men Halloween costumes – for instance, doing a Rogue X-Men costume can be great fun and will showcase your creative ability. You will need skin tight pants and gloves to match, white wig, black belt, heeled boots, and headband of a bright color. Use a picture of Rogue X-Men to get the right effect of the costume and accessories and you cannot go wrong. If you want your own variations, go with pants and leotards of different colors and add a flowing cape for better effect.

The X-Men ambience will never be the same without the added technical wizardry. So you can choose to create a setting with laser beams, mutant features, pyrotechnics, and magnetic powers and make a truly magical night of it.

Many online stores stock an excellent range of costumes and accessories for Halloween, theme parties and events. Sizes vary from infant to adult and there’s a size for everyone. Prices are also affordable and you can do your own comparison and bargain shopping to get the best rates on X-Men Halloween costumes.

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