Kids John Cena Costume
Boy’s John Cena Wrestling Costume

People started wearing WWE Halloween costumes at Halloween parties because of the distinction it brings in the crowd. Who wouldn’t recognize Hulk Hogan with his blond mustache and his engaging Hulkamania shirt? Go to the party in a WWE costume and rip that shirt in front of everyone just like a true blooded wrestler.

Even though Hulk Hogan has long retired from the sport, his iconic image as a wrestling superstar can surely draw attention to everyone in any festive Halloween gathering. Choose the wrestling outfits you want to wear and be like a WWE icon and you’ll surely impress your friends.

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You can be like any other WWE Superstar and enjoy the hurrahs. Before you know it, you can even win the night’s best in costume prize. To help you get started, here’s some ideas to dress you up as a WWE wrestler.

Kids Stone Cold Steve Austin Costume
Kids Stone Cold Steve Austin Costume

Determine the type of character that you want to portray. This is important for it will obviously influence how you’re going to pick, design, and carry out the WWE Halloween costume.

Find out in advance if you want to become one of the ‘faces’ or the ‘heels’. Faces and heels are wrestling terms for the personalities that wrestlers craft within the storyline as called for by the creative team of World Wrestling Entertainment.

Faces is short for ‘Baby faces’ or the hero-type persona of such famed wrestlers like The Rock, Batista, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold and John Cena represents when they climb the squared ring. They are well like because of their hard working nature and the reciprocal love they have for the crowd.

Heels in the meantime are the villains, or the antagonists, whose characters embrace negative traits like egomania, narcissism, sadism, unprompted rage, and bitterness. Such examples are The Big Show, Kane, The Undertaker, Goldust, and Edge. They elicited loud boos from the audiences when they enter because of their fighting strategies of cheating and underhand tactics.

Kids Undertaker Costume
Kids Undertaker WWE Wrestler Costume

Once you’ve chosen the character that you want; pinpoint the wrestler’s overall look, especially his facial features. Does he have a mask like Rey Mysterio or Mankind? Does he have a long hair or is he bald? How about a goatee or a beard?

If he wears a mask, you can easily obtain them from costume stores or even online shops. Going in as a famous masked wrestler to costume parties would be a cinch since all you need to do is put on the mask and wrestling outfit and then act out the character at the party.

Dressing up as long haired or bald wrestlers and those with goatee and beard can be tricky. You may need a wig if you chose the Undertaker for he has long hair. If you like Stone Cold, you may have to shave your head altogether or get skin rubber wraps from costume shops. For the goatee or beard, you will need a make up kit to draw them on or just grow them naturally if you prefer.

Customizing Your WWE Costume

The outfits of wrestlers aren’t that hard to figure out since almost all of them wear spandex pants, black tights, black trunks, or spandex shorts.

Adult Rowdy Roddy Piper Costume Kids Rey Mysterio Costume
Adult Rowdy Roddy Piper Costume Kids Rey Mysterio Jr. Wrestler Costume
Mens Sting Wrestling Costume Adult Hulk Hogan Costume
Mens Sting Wrestling Costume Men’s Hulk Hogan Costume

Some wrestlers like Goldust or Kane have intricate body outfits that you’re better off buying from costume shops online. A wrestler like John Cena should be simple enough since you just need a pair of dark green cargo pants, a camouflage shirt, and a baseball cap.

Wrestler Costume Accessories

WWE Championship Wrestling Belts
WWE Championship Title Belts

Look further into the details of the wrestler that you choose. Some wrestler’s costumes also feature accessories like chains, jewelry and necklaces, sunglasses, wristbands, and belts. Of course if you go in as Mick Foley, you should carry his trademark sock puppet ‘Socko’.

You should be able to put in the final touches of your WWE Halloween costume with some signature body movements, facial expressions, and hand gestures.

Find a good time to enter a party and carry the WWE Superstar’s attitude by asking the costume party’s DJ to play the wrestler’s entrance music. By doing this, you’ll definitely get the attention of the crowd.

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