Girls Witch Costume
Girls Witch Costume

Which witch is which? Witch Halloween costume ideas are easy to find and you can really do just about anything with them. You can take a witch costume to the scary, creepier, gorier side of the costume spectrum with blood and frightening faces, you can be a nicer, more kid-friendly witch, or a hot and sexy witch is always welcome at adult parties. Here are some ideas on how to accomplish any Halloween witch costume that suits your personality and party.

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Mean and Scary Witch

Scary witches typically have colored skin in a disturbing shade of yellow, brown or pale green. Avoid white makeup unless you are going for a zombie witch idea. Make sure to cover all body parts that show with the make-up – face, hands, neck, cleavage, legs. If you have access to prosthetics to make a distorted nose or pointy chin, use them. Warts are a big plus and fingernails are a really important detail not to overlook.  They should be very long and pointy, discolored, black or dark red and dirty-looking.
Makeup, in addition to a base, face color, should be in the dark colors. Dark smudges can make defined wrinkles on the skin and around the nose, dark brownish red lip color is best. Hair should be messy whether it is down or up. If you have short hair, consider a wig or go for a spiky look.

Womens Witch Costume
Womens Witch Costume

Mean witches generally wear black clothing with torn or frayed edges. Consider long, sweeping skirts, long sleeves on shirts or old Victorian style blouses with mutton sleeves. Lacy and torn shawls are good, too. If you venture outside of the color of black for your costume, stick with dark red, maroon, purple or deep blue.

Boots are a great footwear choice, as are spiky heels, provided that they, too, are worn and black or dark colors. Pointy toes are, of course, the most preferred, and buckles or laces are excellent.

Nice and Funny Witch

A more gentle and cheerful version of a witch Halloween costume idea will differ from a scary witch in that the makeup is done with a more natural base coloring. Ditch the warts and go for a cheerful looking face. Exaggerate the eye makeup using false and sparkling eyelashes, rosy cheeks and bright red rosebud lips. Glasses are a fun addition, especially if they are brightly colored, pointy (think cat-eye shape) and sparkly. Nice and fun witches love sparkles.

Instead of sticking to mostly black clothing, branch out into any jewel tones – purples, blues, greens, red – along with black. Vests and cummerbunds, large gathered skirts with several layers and net petticoats are great. Wear them full length, ankle length or just below the knee. Satin blouses with flowing sleeves are delightful clothing ideas.

Hair can still be messy, but in a neater way. Hats are great for nice witches, but rather than a plain and rumpled black hat, go for a colored hat with a short veil, feathers or flowers and ribbons and bows. Also feather headbands or over-sized hair clips are good substitute for a hat.

Sexy Witch

Sexy Witch Costume
Sexy Witch Costume

Sexy witches are more like the Nice and Funny Witch Halloween Costume idea, but with a sexy twist. Raise the skirts to short, add fishnet or designed hose. Lower the necklines to reveal more cleavage and ditch the hat for headband or hair pins.

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