Mens Viking Costume
Men’s Viking Costume

Becoming a Viking for a day can sure ignite a warrior spirit within anyone. Even if you can’t be Leif Eriksson or Erik the Red, wearing a Viking costume would definitely awaken everyone’s imagination at any costume party.

Vikings have been romanticized in the 18th century through theaters, epic stories, and stage plays. They have been known to be fierce and brutal in warfare, able to bring terror in any place they go. Vikings inflict fear with their barbaric ways and uncivilized acts.

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People say Vikings are ruthless, but unknown to many; they were responsible for the discovery of lands and continents where countries are today. They were actually Norse explorers, pirates, merchants, seafarers, and warriors who traded, colonized, and raided Europe mostly in the 11th century.

Womens Viking Princess Costume
Womens Viking Princess Costume

This fearsome notability has since made the Viking warriors a popular choice for costumes at Halloween parties. There are many varieties of Viking costumes these days. They have become trendy and fashionable, appealing to men and women alike. Wear them to your next Halloween party and take pride in honoring the great Vikings that have carved mythical lore in history.

Viking Costumes for Men

Adult Viking Costume
Adult Viking Costume

The typical Viking costume for men include detailed elements that you would normally see from these ferocious warriors. A basic costume kit has a black tunic most common from the Celtic period. It has the chain-mail sleeves, with traditional fur gauntlets often noticeable from that era. A fantastic looking cape accompanies this incredible outfit.

Usually made from satin material, the Viking cape has a traditional silver color. The cape’s decor has Celtic accents which are also in silver. The Viking belt and helmet completes the costume. A belt and helmet highlights the Norse tradition of the warrior costume theme of Viking men.

Wear boot covers and carry a shield and you’re all set to pillage tables of snacks and demand big mugs of beer at parties to honor your mythological ancestor’s accomplishments.

Sexy Viking Costumes

The same quality and style makes up the women’s Viking vixen costume. The two most popular style costumes are the Viking Princess costume and the Viking Warrior Princess costume.

Sexy Viking Costume
Women’s Sexy Viking Costume

The Viking Princess costume basically has the long flowing dress or gown with a beautifully designed bodice. The wonderful accessories in this costume kit can include a headpiece, necklace, and cape, magnificently complementing the gown. The gown’s elaborate details add to the impression of a princess, a charm that people would normally see.

A Warrior Princess costume in the meanwhile has the under wire dress made of faux leather. The classic quality from the Scandinavian period is surely revealed along with arm pieces and detachable red cape that complements the outfit. Complete the warrior look with a sword and armor and you get the Viking vixen’s authentic look. You might be having a hard time deciding if these costumes will make you look sexy when you enter a party, but you’ll surely be a hot one.

Wearing a Viking costume with the classic qualities of the great mythological heroes will assure you’ll be the show stopper at any Halloween costume party.

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