Mens Werewolf Costume
Mens Werewolf Costume

Get in touch with your inner vampire! With the recent release of Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 and the anticipated release Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 later this year, Twilight costumes are hot! Whether you are dressing up for a movie premier, a friend’s movie-watching party, costume parties or Halloween, there is a Twilight costume for everyone.

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Always a great choice for a costume is Bella. Her everyday clothing is plain and easy to replicate, with a hoodie, t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. Her famous blue prom dress is a halter dress with three-tiered skirt with a short cream-colored knit jacket with three-quarter length sleeve. You must accessorize with a turquoise and silver bracelet and small beaded ball necklace with a bluish tint. Wear your hair long and brown and don’t forget to copy Bella’s delicious floral scent of freesia or lavender and strawberry-smelling hair.

The most fun would be to dress up as Bella from her recently debuted wedding. The gown was an off-white which was simple and fitted in the front with long-sleeves and lace insets at the cuff, but the back was a fabulous French Chantilly lace with covered buttons all the way down. A small crown tiara held the light lacy veil. Her shoes were intricately embellished with jewels.

Womens Vampire Costume
Sexy Vampire Girl Costume


Rosalie is fun to dress up as, because she is such a fashionista. She wears fabulous rings and long blond flowing hair with great medallion necklaces. You can recreate her Flashback Outfit with a short, brown plaid fitted jacket and white blouse with ruffle neck, off-white jeans and high-laced brown boots.


Alice loves clothes and she is also fun to copy in costume. She wears her short hair flipped out and we love her arm warmers (from New Moon) and her knitted scarves, and zebra gloves. On Bella’s first day of school, Alice is wearing a black vest over a white long sleeve knit tee shirt. Her wedding outfit from Breaking Dawn is fantastic. A long white flowing gown with black tie and descending ruffle is totally awesome to wear. Accessorize with black shoes, black nylon clutch bag and diamond crusted heart earrings and necklace.


Boys Army Soldier Costume
Kids Werewolf Costume

Twilight costumes for men are also great and actually pretty easy to accomplish. If you are Team Jacob, you can dress in black jeans, black shirt, and brown leather jacket and use product to stick up your hair in the traditional Jacob style. But if you have longer hair, you can replicate his look with a black hoodie and dark purple tee. If you want to go wild, dress up in a wolf costume or even Jacob’s clothing with a wolf mask.


To dress as the legendary Edward Cullen, best with dark skinny jeans, black tee shirt, gray wool trench coat with fluffed back hair. Makeup can help with the pale skin but amber colored contacts are the only way to accurately replicate those deliciously satisfied eyes. They can be kind of expensive, but can be found online for a more affordable price.  Or, a stunning black tuxedo is appropriate for an Edward costume, especially if you are choosing Twilight costumes as a wedding couple.

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