Kids Toy Story Jessie Costume
Girl’s Jessie Costume

Many people go to Halloween costume parties to socialize and meet new people. Have you ever wondered which outfit can make your friends smile when they see you? How about going in Toy Story costumes? They would surely love seeing you in whatever Toy Story character you decide to choose.

Costumes from Toy Story have been a big hit in shops as the films have been a box office success for adults and children. The Disney Pixar film made a huge impact in the movie industry for its innovative and creative use of computer animation. Becoming the first feature film made from computer generated imagery, Toy Story has captured the imagination and fascination of everyone.

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Toy Story follows the interactions of a group of toys owned by Andy. The toys actually come to life whenever they are left with other toys and when they’re not watched. It tells the rivalry and the friendship that eventually developed between a cowboy doll ‘Woody’ and an astronaut action figure ‘Buzz Lightyear’. The film’s buddy story was well received by people and Toy Story ultimately found a place in everyone’s hearts.

 Adult Green Army Man Costume
Adult Sarge Green Army Man Costume

Going in as either as Woody or Buzz Lightyear could be the best costume idea you could have this Halloween. Nonetheless, you can be any other character like Rex the dinosaur, Sarge and his Green Army Men, Hamm the piggy bank, Bo Peep, the Squeeze Toy Aliens, Barbie, Ken, Stinky Pete the prospector, Mr. Potato Head, or Slinky Dog. But of course, nothing is more recognizable than to be one of the main characters in Toy Story like Buzz Lightyear, Woody, or even Jessie (the yodeling cowgirl).

 Kids Toy Story Rex Costume
Kids Rex Costume

You can always create your own Toy Story costumes to have a more personalized appeal. Woody and Jessie have simple cowboy outfits, and you can easily assemble the costume from thrift stores and apparel shops. Buzz Lightyear though has a more elaborate and modern costume of an astronaut. It can take some time and work on your part to actually come up with a costume of Buzz, if you decide to create it yourself. You can just buy the astronaut costume if you like to come as Buzz Lightyear on Halloween.

Whether you decide to create your own or buy one, here’s the details you should look for in Toy Story character costumes you plan to wear for a Halloween party.

Woody Cowboy Costume

 Kids Woody Costume
Boy’s Woody Costume

Woody’s costume in Toy Story is a favorite of young boys; the idea of being a cowboy from the Wild West for them is a great costume. Of course, adults also like the idea of wearing a Woody costume because they like to make an impression on women that they’re a real “cowboy”.

If you’ve seen the movie, Woody wears elastic waist jeans with built in suede chaps of brown satin detailing. He has the boot spats and spurs for his feet and the belt and holster on his waist. For the top, he wears a long sleeved yellow shirt (with two pearlized oversize buttons in front) and a plush cowhide patterned vest. Completing his look is a brown cowboy hat, a red bandanna on his neck, and the star sheriff badge.

Buzz Lightyear Costume

 Adult Buzz Lightyear Costume
Adult Buzz Lightyear Costume

If you do like to report to duty from Star Command like Buzz Lightyear, he wears a one piece white body suit with a fabric self stick closure at the back. The knees and cuffs of the pants are padded with an attached green belt. He has a vinyl chest plate in front with the wings attached at the back to the self stick closure. His wings do light up with a press of a button. Buzz wears a purple hood jersey on his head with a fabric closure at the neck when he doesn’t have the big helmet. Completing his look is the gauntlet style spandex gloves and padded cuffs.

Toy Story costumes are perfect as a buddy or partner costume, as a couples costume, or as a group costume. Wear the outfits and get ready to have fun “to infinity and beyond”.

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