Adult Top Gun Costume
Adult Top Gun Bomber Jacket Costume

There comes a time you feel the need to wear something different for Halloween. But sometimes you just can’t make up your mind. It would be great though to wear something classic, like a vintage or classic costume. Why not wear a Top Gun costume for Halloween? This will surely bring back memories of the 1986 film that you and your friends can talk about.

By wearing gear from Top Gun, you can surely compete with anyone at a costume party. It’s like you’re saying your costume is the ‘best of the best’ of everyone in the crowd. Of course that depends on how your friends dress up. But if you did choose the right attire, you’ll surely get the attention.

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Costumes from Top Gun have been in high demand even today, more than 25 years since the film was released. The success and reception of Top Gun have since catapulted the careers of Tom Cruise as Maverick, Val Kilmer as Iceman, Meg Ryan, etc. so much that even the younger generation today could not resist dressing up as a Naval aviator.

Naval gear at a party is a great way to show how tough you really are. If you haven’t decided yet on what to wear, here are some ideas to help you on a Top Gun Halloween costume theme.

Be Like Lt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell

This is your best choice for a Top Gun air force officer. Designed and patterned on the actual flight suit worn by Lt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, you’ll wear the faux logos (silk-screened) and glued patches as seen on Maverick’s flight suit in the film.

Be like a Top Gun pilot with the overall green flight suit with zipper pockets. The glued patches that come with the flight suit are the US Air Force Eagle, Silver Air Corps Star, and the Top Gun US Fighter School patch.

Complete your outfit with silver dog chains, aviator sunglasses, pilot helmet, and a Top Gun baseball cap.

Escort Your Top Gun Love Interest “Charlie”

Womens Top Gun Costume
Women’s Top Gun Costume

The love interest of Maverick is Charlotte “Charlie” Blackwood. She’s a class instructor and astrophysicist in the Top Gun school in Naval Air Station Miramar.

You can have your significant other dress in a sexy Top Gun costume. The Top Gun flight suit for women is a button detailed zipper front dress. Both include the coordinating hat and the US Air Force insignia patches.

Let her wear a bomber jacket, a double buckled belt, and dark aviator sunglasses for some more allure. She can either wear a black delicate lightweight high heels shoes or a sexy black thigh boot. When you enter the party with her, everyone in the party will certainly be impressed and get drawn to her sexy and attractive Top Gun outfit.

Bring Your Little One as Your “Wingman”

Kids Top Gun Costume
Kids Top Gun Costume

You can also dress up your kid as any of the other Top Gun fighter pilots. Let him or her step in as Iceman, Goose, or Viper. Your child will definitely love to be a junior aviator, perhaps as assertive like the adult Top Guns.

They would certainly enjoy wearing their own small size version of the Top Gun green jumpsuit. It also comes with helmet pilot and Air Force embroidered patches. They’ll surely feel the excitement and the thrill of being a true blue naval pilot.

Any of the Top Gun costume you choose can definitely bring you the adrenaline that you need as you enter the danger zone of the costume party’s dance floor. So swing your hips and show off your Maverick outfit just like those cool naval officers in the movie.

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