Womens Batgirl Costume
Adult Batgirl Women’s Costume

If you’ve run out of ideas for Halloween costumes, don’t lose heart. Picking a superhero these for a Halloween costume is a surefire shot ten out of ten times. All you need is the time and effort to look through the many superhero costume ideas and make the right choice to suit the impact you’d like to create and go about getting yourself one.

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Boys Superman Costume
Boys Superman Costume

However, to just satisfy our curiosity on the unmatched popularity of superhero costumes, it is relevant to find out why. A superhero is a figure or person “possessing extraordinary or superhuman powers” dedicated to fighting for and protecting the general public and humanity, against archenemies or villains. Sometimes these superheroes fight not only ‘human’ enemies; they are portrayed crossing swords with aliens, demons and magical figures.

It’s not surprising therefore that the choice to possess a superhero costume is uppermost because of the sheer portrayal of goodness, courage, rightfulness, and sense of duty that appeal to all ages. Captain America, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Super Girl or Wonder Woman – all inspire positive traits especially in kids who want to emulate them. The common thread that runs through all these characters making them larger than life is the moral code of doing good without expecting any reward and without the use of brutal force even against evil.

Girls Spiderman Costume
Girls Spiderman Kids Costume

In this context, the accessories possessed by these superheroes also play a great role in deciding choice of costume. Energy bolts, magical rings, secret identities, passwords, code numbers, logos, webbing, lasso, bracelets, clubs, and even claws stir magical wonder and awe among children.

Baby Incredible Hulk Costume
Infant/Toddler Incredible Hulk Costume

A cursory glance at superhero costume ideas online can throw up a large selection of more than seventy different theme costumes in both adult and kids sizes, which come from small to plus size and infant to teen. Adult, Child, Sexy, and Funny, there are infinite varieties to choose from with attractive pricing, secure payment, and shipping options. With a network of online costume sites, the internet can be one-stop shop for all your theme related fancy costumes.

While the more traditional would go for Batman, Superman, Spiderman, and Batwoman, the slightly different thinkers would certainly go for The Incredible Hulk, Hellboy, Iron Man, X Men, or Zorro oriented theme costumes. Typically, macho hero costumes that get the thumbs up sign would be those on the lines of Captain America, Flash, Fantastic Four, Ghostbusters, Supergirl, Robin, Thor, and Wonder Woman. Some of them come in gender specific variations while almost all of them have variations in adult and children’s sizes.

Mens Green Lantern Costume Sexy Flash Costume Toddler Thor Costume

Mens Green Lantern Costume

Womens Sexy Flash Costume

Kids Thor Toddler Costume

Mens Deadpool Costume Boys Captain America Costume Adult Green Hornet Costume
Men’s Deadpool Costume Boys Captain America Costume Adult Green Hornet Costume

For the comedy oriented, there are a few superhero costume ideas such as The Simpsons’ Radioactive Man, Adult Swim characters such as Space Ghost, Harvey Birdman, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force, or Saturday Night Classics like The Ambiguously Gay Duo – Ace and Gary that all combine to produce results that can be laughed at.

Whatever direction you decide to go with superhero costumes, you certainly can’t go wrong with this classic Halloween costume idea.

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