Mens WWII Private Costume
Men’s World War II Private Costume

There’s not a kid in the world that does not want a soldier outfit. Especially boys, who grow up admiring war heroes and men in uniform, whether in the movies or in real life, reinforcing the mindset that boys must be bold and brave and “real men don’t cry”. The sight of a soldier’s fatigue is enough to inspire courage, confidence, and bravery to tackle almost anything head-on. But modern soldier costumes are vastly different from those of yester years. Big guns and ammunition have been replaced with hi-tech surveillance equipment, tracking systems, and more compact equipment.

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Halloween soldier costumes for kids come in a wide range of choices. The Union or Confederate Civil War Soldier, Desert Soldier, the Army Commando, Para Military Forces outfit, Storm Trooper, Air Force Pilot, Marine Officer, or a Navy Seal – perhaps it has to do with the accessories like jacket, boots, sash, helmet etc. These themed outfits can be readily purchased at any of the children’s clothing stores or can be ordered online at any of the multiple sites available online – is one such online site. There are a variety of designs from the past to the present, details of where they can be bought and prices and comparisons.

Womens Army Girl Costume
Sexy Retro Army Girl Costume

Other equally popular variations are future soldier theme outfits something more on the lines of Star Trek, Star Wars, G.I. Joe, or the video game, Halo. These are very smart picks for ultra-modern and futuristic soldier costumes. Most kids identify themselves with such lines and readymade costumes complete with authentic looking armor pieces, flaps, and face masks in different kid sizes are available online. These would make ideal Halloween costumes.

As for adults, both men and women can choose soldier costumes in suitable themes and designs according to their fancy. Obviously, of course female soldier outfits are attractively designed and tend to be more sexy and provocative to suit the physical qualities and traits of those choosing these costumes. Among this variety, the most popular female costumes are the jumpsuit and camouflage cap Playboy Boot camp Babe outfit; the brown mini dress and cap Air Force Brat costume and Marine Pin Up Costume. It is also because most people will certainly never get to wear these outfits in real life that the fascination to own one is strong.

Boys Army Soldier Costume
Kids Army Soldier Costume

More variations in soldier costumes need a little research and imagination to think out of the ordinary. Gladiators, Roman Warriors, Spartans, Vikings, and Musketeers are some of the themes that can be catchy and innovative. Where entire families or groups join in the fun of Halloween, each member can choose to go in a different soldier themed outfit.

If you are the really adventurous kind you can even scout around for the right kind of material and accessories, buy them and make your own outfit. If there is a thrift store close by you can head there and look for old Hunters’ camouflage outfits or old army uniforms given away by the military. A pair of camouflage pants and shirt, hat, and work boots would be sufficient for creating a good soldier costume. But if you want to go all out, get yourself some face paint to dab on and a toy gun to complete the picture.

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