Toddler Smurf Costume
Kids Smurf Costume

Going to a Halloween party has always been fun. Nothing’s cooler than dressing up in something really funny, cute, and “blue”. How about wearing a Smurf costume? This is a popular choice since you’ll definitely get loads of attention in your white hat, white trousers, and blue skin.

Smurfs have actually been around for such a long time now since it first appeared as a comic strip in October 1958. In its first animated television run in the 1980’s on NBC, it got such a big reception from all the kids that it was then rated forth in other media.

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The Smurfs have influenced almost everything through the years. Two types of Smurfs’ cereals have since emerged. And don’t forget about the Smurf’s pasta. There have been 300 million Smurfs figurines sold in history; Smurfs on Ice have been a hit, as well as the

Adult Smurfette Costume
Adult Smurfette Costume

Smurfs theme parks and Smurfs video game. There’s even a live action the Smurfs movie scheduled for release in 2011 which will star Katy Perry as Smurfette. Now this would surely put you in a ‘Smurfs state of mind’, don’t you think?

So how do you enter the Smurf universe? Here are some tips to get you started in dressing up as a Smurf for Halloween.

Which Smurf Are You?

Choose which Smurf you want to be. This is important before you work on the costume. There are many Smurfs to choose from, Smurfette, Papa Smurf, Brainy Smurf, Dreamy Smurf, Jokey Smurf, Hefty Smurf, etc. Choose the Smurf that you think will fit your personality.

Brainy Smurf Mask
Smurf Masks

You may already know that for the most part they all have a white cap, white pants, and white shoes. But there are slight differences in all of them. Brainy Smurf wears glasses and carries a book; Vanity Smurf carries a hand mirror and has a daisy on his cap, while Hefty Smurf carries a barbell with a very distinguishable heart shape tattoo on the arm. Smurfette is the only female.

Create Your Smurf Costume

Depending on the Smurf that you choose, you should create the costume accordingly. Smurfette wears a sleeveless, white baby doll type of dress. Farmer Smurf has green overalls and a straw hat, while Handy Smurfs has blue denim overalls and a pencil above his ear. Papa Smurfs has a red cap, a beard, and red pants while the other Smurfs usually have white pants. You can use leggings or cotton sweat pants in accordance to the Smurf that you like.

Adult Papa Smurf Costume
Adult Papa Smurf Costume

Pants of the Smurfs are like footed pajamas so you will have to create the illusion by wearing same color shoes and socks. The exceptions are Farmer Smurfs who has big brown work shoes and Smurfette who has low white heels.

If you don’t want to paint your body blue, wear a blue long sleeve shirt as your top. Wear blue tights if you’re Smurfette. Cover your hands with blue gloves.

The hat is simply like a cone, but it’s rounded at the top. Handy Smurf’s hat is blue while papa Smurf’s hat is red. All the others have a white cap. Find a knit winter cap and it will pass as a Smurf hat, just don’t fold the edges so you can give it some height.

Use your hat to hide your hair if you will be male since they’re bald. Hide any sideburns with appropriate blue hair spray. Smurfette has long, blond hair so if you don’t have long hair or don’t want to dye it yellow, just buy a wig. Remember that Papa Smurf has a white beard, so consider getting a detachable one if you’re going to be him.

Blue Smurf Make Up

Use a blue facial paint to achieve more of the Smurfs look. You can also use cream facial paint to help you have even coverage. Make sure to match the paint’s color with the color of your blue shirt. If you’re Smurfette, have black mascara, eyeliner, or fake eye lashes.

Smurf costumes make a great theme for a Halloween costume party or a group Halloween costume. Wear a Smurf costume and you’ll certainly be the best dressed for the night.

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