Girls Fiona Costume
Girls Princess Fiona Costume

Your attire this Halloween need not be limited to goblins and ghosts costumes. It will be equally exciting to dress up in modern day fairytale, especially those from well known animated movies. There are many characters to choose from, but why not consider Shrek and Fiona costumes from the Shrek movies.

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Shrek is an Academy Award winning film that has spawned 4 box office hit installments. It tells the story of a green ogre, Shrek, who lost his tranquility in the swamp because of all the fairy tale characters being banished by Lord Farquaad. The deal for Shrek before he gets back his swamp was to get Princess Fiona, who was then waiting for her prince charming to save her from a dragon. With a little help from some friends like Donkey, Puss in Boots, and the Gingerbread man, Shrek saves Fiona from the dragon.

Then Shrek traveled back with Fiona, it became apparent that he developed some feelings for the princess. At the same time, Fiona found some things in common with the ogre, including her ‘secret’, where she turns into an ogress at night.

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With this in mind, should you and your significant other dress up in Shrek and Fiona costumes this Halloween? The premise of the Shrek and Fiona fairytale would always be magical in any costume party because of the enchantment and comedy it brings. You’ll surely be the hottest couple of the night.

The ogre and the ogress should be able to bring laughter to your friends on Halloween. What follows are some ideas to get you started.

Becoming Shrek

The wardrobe of the ogre from the swamp wears plaid patterned leggings paired with the white tunic shirt and the brown vest. If you feel uncomfortable with the leggings, try sweat pants or regular brown pants. Put on a long sleeved white shirt on top and then cut a vest from a felt fabric. Wear green gloves or socks for the hands. You can use a rope around the waist and then complete the look with brown boots.

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For the head, Shrek has green head, so you may want to apply a green facial paint in your face. You can use a stretchable thin skin rubber wraps from costume shops for that bald look. You don’t want to miss out on the palpable ears of the green ogre. He has these rounded tubular ears on the sides of his head, parallel to his eyes. You can cut an ear shape from fun foam, creating stems 3 inch long and 1 inch wide, with an obvious rounded bulb at the end.
Of course, if you don’t want to bother with facial paint and all the work for the ears, you can just get the distinguishable Shrek masks available from online costume shops.

Becoming Fiona

Think which type of Fiona you would be. Are you going to be the ogress form or the human model of the princess?

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You might want to be the human Princess Fiona with your male partner dressed as Shrek. This look can be more effective, the human Fiona with Shrek, because of their extreme opposites. Besides people would come up to you at a Halloween party and say something like…”What is a beautiful princess like you doing with an ugly ogre (pointing to Shrek)”.
There are many choices for Fiona’s clothing. She has been in medieval clothing, Renaissance style, and those puffy sleeved outfit, but it’s better for you to come in a pretty dress, quite fitting for a princess.

You can temporarily dye your hair red or wear a “red head wig”. Don’t forget a tiara so you can announce that you are royalty to those that you will meet.
Dressing up as couple in Shrek and Fiona costumes can definitely win the hearts of everyone at a party. There’s something special with the ogre and the princess that anyone will surely love on Halloween. So bring a little humor and a little bit of sarcasm and you’ll definitely have a great time with your friends this Halloween.

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