Teen Sailor Costume
Girls Teen Sailor Costume

Sailor costumes for Halloween are a new trend that is a bit different from the usual dressing up themes as comic or cartoon characters, or mystic creatures. But don’t be fooled into thinking that sailor costumes must be dull and boring without room for creative imagination to dress you up in.

No one can resist a man or woman in uniform; think of Navy Seals. The same goes for soldier costumes as well, which is also a very popular choice. With the right coded dress that is perfect to the last detail and with sailor accessories to match, you can never go wrong.

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Children’s sailor costumes are very popular fancy dress attire. There’s hardly a school function or a social event for toddlers that does not picture a young one wandering around in white baggy trousers and outsized shirt with a huge v-neck collar and scarf, with a sailor hat to match.

Toddler Sailor Costume
Girls Toddler Sailor Costume

Sailor costumes have lots of choices for men and women. Even toddlers and pets have a wide range to choose from. While women can come dressed up in the traditional first mate outfit, or choose to be a little more seductive or sexy and wear flirty pink or blue outfits with Navy sailor boot cuffs, the men can try their hand at a traditional white navy or blue sailor outfit with cap to match. If you want to perfect your theme for Halloween, pick on Popeye, Captain Hook, or the Pirate for added effect.

A sailor costume can be a simple homemade outfit too – just match polyester white pants and a v-neck top in white, put a sash or ribbon around the collar and a sailor hat and you’re ready to hit the floor. If, however, you want to opt for a designer outfit there are many readily available costumes for sale online.

Mens Sailor Costume
Mens Adult Sailor Costume

But it is only natural that young people are more drawn to outfits featuring pirates and buccaneers of yester years. Children’s pirate outfits include a lot of accessories like eye patches, wigs, scarves, guns, swords, and hats and come in all sizes. The adults have themes like Jack Sparrow or Davey Jones made popular in the Pirates of the Caribbean. Girls and young women can opt for variations in the pirate costume which also have eye patches, swords, guns, scarves, hats, and pirate jewelry.

Sexy Sailor Costume
Womens Sexy
Sailor Costume

Popeye the Sailor Man is that laugh inducing cartoon character who has kept children entertained for decades. Popeye sailor costumes are a huge hit with young males as well as older ones. This outfit comes with pants, a sailor shirt and collar, sailor hat, belt, and the huge padded muscled arms with the anchor tattoo. You can even make it more authentic with the unmistakable can of spinach and drool from the corner of your lips, “Aye me hearties”!

Another slightly different sailor character with a twist you can portray is Captain Hook – the villainous pirate captain from the popular Walt Disney adaptation of J M Barrie’s Peter Pan. He gets his name from the big iron hook in place of his right hand which was eaten by a crocodile. A black wig with shoulder length hair and a red hat with a feather sticking out the back can create the look of the evening. Guaranteed to get you admiring glances and pats on the back!

Whether you go for the classic navy sailor, pirate, or sexy sailor, Sailor costumes are appealing to everyone and will certainly make for an adventurous evening.

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