Pocahontas Halloween Costumes

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Womens Pocahontas Costume
Adult Pocahontas Costume

The goal when dressing up for a costume party is to be in a sexy and cute outfit. No doubt, there’s no more way to attract attention than in a sweet and beautiful costume. One clothing style that can definitely move the blood of anyone is Pocahontas Halloween costumes.

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Pocahontas Halloween Costumes

There are actually many variations of the Pocahontas costume and they will surely appeal to you as well as the “John Smith” you look forward to meeting at the party. A Pocahontas costume requires little maintenance and this is something that you might consider when choosing a costume to wear at a gathering. You need something comfortable that will allow you to frolic around and the Disney princess costume would be perfect.

Girls Pocahontas Costume
Girls Pocahontas Costume

Pocahontas was actually a legendary figure celebrated in a film by Disney in 1995. She was a daughter of a Native American chieftain who defied the will of her tribe by running away with Captain John Smith, an Englishman.

Though Pocahontas is a real historical character, Disney fictionalized her story in the movie. It worked as fans from all over the world came to love her just like any other Disney film. The Native American princess became a favorite at costume parties all over the US; even teen sensation Miley Cyrus wore this costume once for one of her performances on Halloween.

Teen Pocahontas Costume
Kids Pocahontas Teen Costume

You can always buy Pocahontas Halloween costumes and they’re always available at many online costume stores. But of course you can also create one for yourself. If you want to transform yourself as an Indian princess with a Pocahontas costume, here are some things you should consider.

The Native American woman’s dress during Pocahontas time was simple and practical. Their clothes were neither form-fitting nor tailored. Design a basic shift dress of the costume first.

You can use a used jumper, long skirt, or dress as the base of the Pocahontas Halloween costume. Try to find a cloth made from pseudo-suede or wool. It should basically be in brown shade for this is the most common dress color worn by the Native Americans.

If you can’t find a used dress, buy the synthetic pseudo-suede fabric with a brown or tan pattern. Be prepared to make necessary alterations to suit the curve and shape of your body.

Creating the Pocahontas Dress

Sexy Pocahontas Costume
Women’s Sexy Pocahontas Costume

You will have to cut the dress if it’s too long, it should be about an inch above your knee. Cut the back and front of your dress pattern, then adjust the size of the neckline and the armholes. The top of your dress, just around the collar, should be rounded.

Trim the seams so they are asymmetrical and then use brown fine gauge leather or a brown embroidering floss to stitch diagonally across the skirt. This will replicate the animal skins pierced together as seen in Native American dress.

Add one or two slits at the bottom of the dress if you want to reveal a little skin and make it sexier. Decorate a beaded belt or an old leather belt with fringe, cloth ropes, and feathers. You can also use fabric strips to tie around your waist for an easier fit.

Adding the Accessories

Add shells and beads as embellishment on the dress by using hot glue. Place them across the hem, shoulders, neckline, and bodice. Add some more decorative stitching and embroidered trim. You can add a fake hunting knife as an accessory by attaching it into the belt.

Create a headdress from a narrow band of sued fabric. Hot glue 2 to 3 feathers to the inside of the headband. You can also make cranberry and macaroni bracelets and necklaces for jewelry. Find beaded moccasins or sandals with criss-cross leather cording for your footwear.

Wearing Pocahontas Halloween costumes should make you stand out in the crowd. It can be classic or sexy and is always party ready. You can always personalize it as you wish, but make sure it makes you feel like you’re a real Indian princess.

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