Plus Size Halloween Costume Ideas

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If you are a larger guy or gal and you need some great plus size Halloween costume ideas, there are oodles of great options for you. Just because you’re plus size doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice on cute, wild or trendy costumes for boring sheets and dumpy outfits. Your size can be your greatest asset! Use it to make Halloween costumes tons of fun. There are lots of places to shop for full-figures online and patterns for ambitious DIYs.

Plus Size Sorceress Adult Costume
Plus Size Women’s Sorceress Costume

Traditional Halloween costumes are available for anyone, regardless of size. Witches—sexy or scary—are always a great choice. Bride of Frankenstein is a good option with a loose-fitting white gown and dark black streaked wig. Clowns and Indians, wizards and pirates are all easy and fun options.

If you are a sexy plus size gal who likes to flaunt your curves, go for a Red Hot Mama in a Red Pajama, sporting sexy flared red pajamas with lots of marabou and sparkles. If you want to dance the night away, chose a bright red Tango dress and accessorize with red pumps, black fishnet stockings and a Latin-inspired updo. How about a provocative Cleopatra in tight or loose gown, draping scarves, black hair and big gold jewelry?

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Plus Size Super Mario Costume
Mens Plus Size Super Mario Costume

If being a Disney princess isn’t your idea of a great costume idea, then opt instead for a fabulous and sinfully sexy Ursula the Sea Witch black strapless gown with white spiked hair and flaming red lipstick. Disney also brings us two other great characters in Maleficent—with her sweeping black and purple cloak and Cruella De Vil and her large draping black and white fur.

Don’t have a villainous side? Plus size Halloween costume ideas on a more playful tone include donning a polka dot dress, white apron and prim heels for an I Love Lucy look, or a fun flapper dress and feathers because plus size girls can make that fringe swing. Get your 1960s groove on with a straight, bright dress, big hair and go-go boots. Or, have a lot of fun with a Sock Monkey costume.

Plus Size Adult Nurse Costume
Plus Size Adult Nurse Costume

Some plus size gals are going to prefer to avoid some costumes that may emphasize features they’d rather not show. In that case, you may want to avoid too revealing costumes such as Playboy bunnies and superheroes like Super Girl, Wonder Woman or basically anything with lots Spandex. While the 60s era is great, the 1950s weren’t the most flattering to full figured gals so you may want to skip the poodle skirt. Barbie costumes and pigs and bunnies are probably not the best choices in plus size Halloween costume ideas, but with a few tasteful considerations, there are so many costumes for all sizes that everyone can find their inner vampire or fairy and bring them to the party.

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