Kids Charlie Brown Costume
Charlie Brown Kids Costume

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘Peanuts’ is the nut itself. And when talk of ‘peanuts costumes’ crops up, you assume someone will go dressed as a ‘peanut’. Well, you guessed right and you guessed wrong! But more on that later. For now, let’s check out how you can dress up like a real peanut.

I came across someone online who actually tried to take scaled down measurements to design a Mr. Peanut costume himself. It’s not easy as you might imagine, when you have to figure out body length, size of head, width of body, eyes etc.

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Adult Snoopy Costume
Adult Snoopy Costume

Once that is figured out, you have to make a drawing of the design or at least a rough sketch to go by. Next is a visit to the hardware store to get the things necessary to make your ‘Mr. Peanut’. No points for guessing what you need! But a wild try can get you close. Cardboard, duct tape, pigeon wire, old newspapers, paint, paint brushes, papier mache, disposable cloth – only for the structure and then you are going to need black pants, black shoes, spats, white gloves, and of course a long cane to complete the design. And of course, you’ll need cutters or scissors, tape measure, and glue gun to put it all together.

Don’t be disappointed if you don’t get your Mr. Peanut just the way you would have wanted him to look. But then of course, there’s the real thing. A Peanuts costume from the comic strip; unforgettable characters inked by the unforgettable Charles Schultz, nearly six decades ago. And it will be a sure shot if you intend celebrating Halloween with Peanuts costumes. There’s a design and size from infant to adult to help make memories that are everlasting.

Toddler Woodstock Costume
Kids Woodstock Toddler Costume

If you have a group of friends that would like to mask up for Halloween, nothing more appropriate than the Peanuts gang. You can have Charlie Brown, Lucy, and Linus or even Snoopy the Beagle and Woodstock, Snoopy’s flying buddy. What fun it would be to dress up as all these comic characters and bring them to life.

Imagination aside, there’s plenty of help for you at hand. Not only is the internet a great place for information, but there are dozens of online sites that offer costumes at special prices for single individuals or a group of people who want to dress up for Halloween. You can even get some inspiration from the holiday specials on television such as “A Charlie Brown Christmas” or “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”. Inspiration is everything because they help put life into imagination.

Adult Lucy Costume
Women’s Adult Lucy Costume

Most of the Peanuts costumes come in a variety of sizes complete with appropriately colored outfits and head pieces. Shoes and socks do not always come with the costumes and may have to be put in separately. So you can have Charlie Brown only with his bright yellow shirt and that standout zigzag, black shorts, brown shoes and the characteristic ‘big head’. But the right impact is made only if the colors are coordinated and accessorized as you see them. So, you will have to get hand covers, paw shoes, pants, and the character headpiece in white with black for his big ears if you are going as Snoopy. Or a bright yellow pair of floppy pants, shirt, shoe covers and the character headpiece if you are going to be “flying around” as Woodstock. Linus, of course comes with striped shirt, black shorts and shoes, and headpiece with his trademark blue blanket.

For the girls, they can choose from Peppermint Patty, Lucy, or Violet, but the obvious choice may be Lucy to go as the brother-sister duo. The Lucy costume is a bright blue dress and the headpiece. Patty usually comes with black shorts, a pink and white striped shirt, brown shoes and a head full of red hair. Peanuts costumes are sure to be a hit on Halloween for years to come.

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