Newborn Halloween Costumes

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Newborn Monkey Costume
Newborn Monkey Costume

Preparing for a Halloween party is stressful for some people and it’s really a challenge. Most often though, adults would come up with great ideas for their outfit, but some have a hard time choosing the right newborn Halloween costumes for their babies.

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Finding Cute and Adorable Halloween Costumes for Your Toddler

Newborn Tinkerbell Costume
Newborn Tinkerbell Costume

Let’s face it; Halloween costumes for newborns are really not for the baby, but for the parents to show them off. An infant would barely know the difference between a feeding bottle and a pacifier, so I doubt if they even notice wearing their diapers or the brown teddy bear outfit. Parents would just love to look at how adorable their newborns are in costume and they’ll do their best for their babies to look great.

Newborn Kangaroo Costume
Newborn Kangaroo Costume

Parents usually have only the first and second years of a child’s life to dress them in a cute Halloween newborn costume of their choice. This may be the only chance that the parents have to choose for a costume for their infant, once their baby reaches three to four years old, the child will likely dress in the Halloween costume that they choose.

For a baby’s young age, they don’t need to dress in those elaborate costumes where they will be going trick or treating. Quite simply, you’re not going to have your toddlers in newborn Halloween costumes for them to ask for candy.

Basically, the costume for your little baby is for the picture taking and photo opportunities more than anything else. And the mommies usually enjoy having their child drawing attention for their costume and being asked to pose for a snapshot.

Newborn Dinosaur Costume
Newborn Triceratops Dinosaur Costume

One thing you have to consider when buying Halloween costume for your infant is that they will really wear it only once. It wouldn’t be practical to buy an expensive baby costume for $100 and it’s surely not worthwhile.

You might argue that your baby will look cute in the hundred dollar costume and everyone will come and adore how lovely your infant looks – but for most it really isn’t worth that much.

Newborn Bunting Costumes

Newborn Butterfly Bunting Costume
Newborn Butterfly Bunting Costume

Your best bet for a nice Halloween costume for your newborn is a bunting costume. These costumes come in one piece and are made from soft cotton or those materials commonly used in blankets. Bunting costumes have no attachments or irritating laces. Their best feature is that they cover your newborn’s feet, giving them a snug feeling of comfort and security.

Nevertheless, it’s always fun to look on your small one dressed as a puppy, a pumpkin, a hotdog, or any other costume. You can surely find something they will look great in!

No false modesty at this point. Since you’ve already found the perfect costume for your infant, now you really have to show them off. For goodness sake, don’t stay home after you’ve dressed your baby!

Newborn Guppy Bunting Costume
Newborn Nemo Guppy Bunting Costume

There are many ways to show off your baby’s Halloween outfit like hosting your own costume party, going to costume parties in your neighborhood, joining Halloween costume contests in mall events, or taking your newborn in costume to their grandparents.

Also, you may want to let your toddler see bigger kids in goblins and ghosts attire trick or treating from door to door. Let your infant see the happenings of Halloween and if possible let them be the one to hand out the candies.

There’s nothing more satisfying than dressing up your little tyke in an adorable newborn Halloween costumes and this shouldn’t be a challenge with a lot of baby costumes to choose from. After all, you want to have those funny Halloween moments with your baby and you should be able to find the perfect costume for your child.

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