Girls Mermaid Costume
Girl’s Mermaid Costume

Mermaid Halloween costumes are inspired by the legendary stories of sea mermaids. Such stories written in books and played out in movies such as Disney’s Little Mermaid have become very popular with little girls. Mermaid Halloween costumes stimulate the girls further, making them enjoy such stories more while at the same time enhancing their look.

Mermaid costumes are not restricted to little girls only. Big girls too enjoy wearing them as well, especially to Halloween parties. Adults can enjoy the stories of mermaids too, which makes wearing these costumes can be fun for all ages.

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Mermaid costumes consist of two parts. The upper body resembles a human being while the lower body resembles the tail of a fish. Depending on the whether the costume is made for a child or an adult, the upper part of the costume may consist of a bra, halter top, corset top, or as part of a long fitted gown. Early mermaid costumes were hard to move around in because of the tail. Today the illusion of the tail is usually created by a long fitted gown or skirt with ruffles near the bottom that flair out basically covering the feet. Mermaid Halloween costumes may also contains thin fins placed at the side of the costume.

Adult Mermaid Costume
Womens Adult Mermaid Costume

There are various mermaid costumes ideas available for either yourself, your kids, or both. They can also be complemented by various accessories. For instance, wigs can be used to enhance the appearance of your hair. These wigs are available in different sizes and colors and the choice depends on your hair color. One may also use wig caps to control the hair under the wig and enhances wig comfort. Other accessories may include seashell bras, shoes, headbands, stockings, and seaweed boa among others.

Sexy Mermaid Costume
Sexy Mermaid Costume

While choosing a Halloween mermaid costume it is important to consider its color especially if you intend to perfectly resemble a mermaid. The most preferable colors include teal, electric blue, orange, jade, and soft pink or a combination of these colors. Also take into consideration the wearer of the costume. Mermaid Halloween costumes are available in 2 options, a one piece or a two piece. It is advisable to buy a one-piece mermaid costume for the kids.

The costume should also be loose to enable the kids to freely and comfortably move around. Adults may wear the two piece costume not only because it is appealing and beautiful, but also sexy. Make sure that the material used to make the mermaid Halloween costume is comfortable to wear. It is common practice for most designers to make such costumes using polyester and nylon due to their cheapness. However, the most appropriate material is velvet, satin, or cotton. Nylon and polyester may cause skin irritation especially on small children.

The mermaid Halloween costumes are readily available online and you do not need to restrict your imagination while making your selection. Get a suitable costume either for yourself or your little girl and let both of you enjoy the next Halloween party. Mermaid Halloween costumes are reasonably priced and very affordable. Furthermore, shopping for Halloween costumes online will enable you to save money and time. Various discounts such as shipping discounts are often provided to online customers.

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