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Adult Womens Flapper Costume

Mafia Halloween costumes attract attention even if it seems to be simple attire. Who could ever resist the unapologetic depth and personality of Vito Corleone as The Godfather? If you’re thinking of any other outfit to keep your friends stunned this Halloween, it’s got to be a Mafia costume. These gangsters, mobsters, and mafia men have been immortalized in movies and TV series such as The Godfather, Goodfellas, Donnie Brasco, Public Enemies, The Sopranos, Scarface, Casino, The Untouchables, and Bonnie and Clyde.

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Don’t even have second thoughts if you plan to go to a Halloween costume party as a Mafia boss, the reception is almost certain. Multitude of guys in costumes would float around in their comical or colorful outfits, but the animation on these will soon die down. On the other hand, everyone else shifts their stares at you, a person with substantial importance and respect, a commanding presence unequaled like the Don Corleone.

Kids Mafia Costume
Kids Big Bruiser Mafia Costume

There are many ways to dress up as the boss of a Mafia organization. Though the clothing can easily be obtained, you still need to carry the attitude of a “Cosa Nostra” chief in a social gathering. You have to breathe in the way a mob member would breathe.

If you’re serious to don a Mafia Halloween costume, here are some ideas for starters:

Vito Corleone from The Godfather

The mafia outfits from “The Godfather” need to be on top of your list. This is no secret, for “The Godfather” is the ‘godfather of all mafia movies’.

Sexy Mafia Costume
Sexy Adult Mafia Gangster Costume

For a strong, intimidating costume of choice, go for Don Vito Corleone’s look of black tuxedo and black tie. Make sure to have a red rose in the jacket’s front left pocket. Don’t forget this detail for this is the most recognized symbol of the elder Corleone. Wear designer dress shoes, if at all possible, new, shiny, and without a scratch. Don Vito was immaculately dressed from head to toe the whole time, which really commanded respect from everyone.

You should have a stern look in your face when you wear this Mafia costume, like a look as if you’re constantly planning or plotting something. Marlon Brando was said to have characterized this as the “bulldog shot in the neck”. You should be able to deliver some famous lines of Don Vito to capture the Mafia character even more.

Tony Montana as Scarface

If you want to blow away your friends on Halloween just before they blew you away with their outfits, wear the Scarface gangster costume for Halloween. You’ll definitely make a mark as the Cuban immigrant Tony Montana.

Tony Montana Scarface Costume
Men’s Tony Montana Scarface Costume

Wear the trademark white jacket and white elasticized trousers. The character wears a burgundy shirt that has a long 70’s collar and sunglasses. Make sure to unbutton the top of your shirt, wide open enough to show the 3 to 5 gold chains around your neck.

Scarface was notorious with the bowl like hair cut and choppy short bangs. Comb your hair down and then apply a gel so you’ll have that ‘dealer’ look. By using reddish-brown eyeliner, draw a jagged line (about 2 inches) at the center of your left cheek to create the “scar”. Begin at the middle of the cheekbone and then go slightly down towards the ear. Grab a prop rifle from a toy stores and there you go.

Donnie Brasco

If you want to wear a toned down mob costume, you can dress up as the mafia infiltrator Donnie Brasco. Wear a 70’s style men’s reddish brown leather jacket with wide lapels, coordinated black trousers, and black shoes.

Comb your hair back (apply some gel) and then complete your look with some black Ray Ban sunglasses. Donnie Brasco’s the understated mafia, the mid-level wise guy who’s making a living and not necessarily running the world.

Wearing Mafia Halloween costumes will give you the high style and drama at a costume party. It gives you a chance to weave into the dance floor in a powerful costume and hang-out with the ladies (bada-bing, bada-boom!). You will definitely exude a certain depth of sexiness in a Mafia outfit.

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