Boys Iron Man Costume
Boys Iron Man Costume

Another popular choice akin to the superhero category for Halloween is the Iron Man costume. Iron Man is based on the fictional comic character Tony Stark, a rich industrialist and a genius scientist who invents a suit for his protection and to save the world. Iron Man Halloween costumes with the armor and weapon systems that Stark creates get a ready nod as far as fancy theme costumes go. More boys are fascinated by his armor suit and the repulsor rays that Stark fires from the palms of his gloves against his enemies.

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Kids War Machine Costume
Kids War Machine Costume

A whole host of hi-tech gizmos go into making the layers of armor along with external communications systems like computers and satellites – altogether totally fascinating. If you fancy yourself as a hero ridding the world of nuclear weaponry, this is the right choice for you.

There are many variation of the Iron Man costume. The child costume has a red and gold jumpsuit with light up energy arc and a muscled torso. The jumpsuit can vary in color combinations and by introducing the Iron Man character face mask to give you an indestructible look!

Iron Man Black Widow Costume
Sexy Black Widow Women’s Costume

Since the movie version hit screens a few years ago and quickly gained huge popularity, Iron Man and his counterparts have been included in the list of marvel comic characters that are chosen for Halloween themes. Some people are ingenious to make the costume which is quite simple, but others choose to buy it, especially the mask which is the most important. Iron Man Halloween costume gloves are also a not-to-miss item. It is fairly simple to buy masks either in stores or online. Various styles and colors of Iron Man armor are also available especially for children and young adults.

Along with Iron Man Halloween costumes, the War Machine, worn by Colonel Rhodes is creating quite a stir among the kids. This costume is a bit elaborate and needs right accessories to get the complete effect of the suit. The dark metallic armor colors of the War Machine outfit make it a hit with kids for Halloween. As it has to have the right accessories, most people prefer to buy it rather than make one.

From the Iron Man series, the Whiplash is also an equally popular theme character for Halloween. As is obvious from the name, his weaponry includes two powerful whips and he is one of Iron Man’s greatest enemies exuding sheer power and raw energy; boys love the typically ‘macho man’ effect that it can create. This costume is most certainly for males alone.

Adult Whiplash Costume
Men’s Adult Whiplash Costume

Most children prefer the silver and black armor printed jumpsuit that has attached molded muscle chest complete with glowing emblem and matching mask. Some variations offer lighted versions of the jumpsuit, especially the chest area and the gloves for added effect.

Iron Man Halloween costumes are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from children to adults. The price range can be anything between $30 and $200 for a more exclusive, better quality outfit. The mask is obviously one of the most important parts of the costume and getting the right one is important.

Girls, please don’t feel left out. For those of you who want to be part of the action, get yourself the black, leather outfit sported by the sexy Scarlett Johansson to look the part of the super spy, Black Widow. And see for yourself, the impression you will create.

Search online for additional ideas and price comparison between outfits before you settle on your ideal choice – there are many popular websites that can give you a whole world of options to make Iron Man Halloween costumes complete.

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