Kids Bee Costume
Kids Toddler Bee Costume

The Honey Bee costume has been an all time favorite, especially with kids for fancy parties and school events. Although there may not be as many takers for these at Halloween, they are big hit with infants, kids, and young girls. Putting together a Honey Bee costume is pretty easy as it doesn’t need complicated accessories or material. The chief items needed are the dress, the headband with feelers or the antennae, the leggings, and of course the wings.

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Infant Bee Costume
Infant/Toddler Bee Costume

There’s a wide range of sizes starting from infants and toddlers, to young girls and teenagers. A combination of yellow and black is usually the traditional way to give this costume the right look and feel although the yellow and black can be contrasted with stripes or zigzags for better effect. Young girls simply love the way they can strut about with their cute little dresses and leggings and their fairy tale wings.

Special costume parties can be arranged where all the young girls dress up as honey bees and the whole theme for the party can be in shades of yellow and black.

Teenage girls have a lot of fun using their imagination to add a special touch here and there and accessorize to make a signature statement. Wings can take a different shape or size and the headgear can have additional headbands or bobbers for special effects.

Teen Honey Bee Costume
Teen Honey Bee Costume

While honey bee pictures, movie clips, and animated characters show them predominantly in shades of yellow and black, shades of red can also be used to contrast with black to create the bug effect or the Honey Bee Queen look. Hornets, on the other hand, are shown as bees with a temper and so anyone dressed up as a Hornet can go for a wild and tousled look with a little bit of flouncy material flapping around the legs or by perking up their antennae with extra fittings.

Variations in Honey Bee costumes cater to infant, teens, adults, and even pets in themes covering the Busy Lil’ Bee (Light-Up) Teen Costume, Miss Bee-dee-LIGHT- ful Adult Costume, Daisy Bee Adult Plus Size Costume, Sweet as Honey Adult Costume, Killer Bee Teen Costume, Stinger Bee Infant Costume, Buggin’ Out Adult Fully Reversible Costume, Zelda Bumblebee Dog Costume, Buzzing Bee Dog Costume, Honey Bee Tween Costume, Bee Mine Toddler Costume, Sequins Bee Adult Costume, Queen Bee Costume, Super Bee Hornet Costume, Honey Bee Child Costume, Little Bee Toddler Costume, Sweet Bee Child Costume, Sunflower Bee Teen Costume, Sexy Queen Bee Adult Costume, and the Yellow Jacket Costume.

Sexy Honey Bee Costumes

Sexy Bee Costume
Adult Sexy Light-Up Bee Costume

If you are looking to add a little buzz to your costume this Halloween, a sexy honey bee costume might be just what you are looking for. These costumes usually feature a knit dress with petticoat skirt, wings, and antennae headband, but you can use your own imagination to spicy things up even more. Other accessories might include black gloves, yellow and black striped feather boa, or a star shaped wand to complete your queen bee outfit.

You can use your own imagination to create a totally unique honey bee costume or go with the more traditional look, it’s up to you.

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