Hilarious Halloween Costumes

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Lost Puppy Costume
Adult Lost Puppy Costume

When Halloween gets closer, people take time to think of unique ways to dress up. Though there are a lot of great costumes available, nothing can beat hilarious Halloween costumes that make people laugh rather than run in fear.

Many people like to choose hilarious costume ideas for Halloween because they’re just tired of conventional characters like Spiderman or Superman. These types of costumes don’t get attention anymore, so if you really want people to come to you and impress your friends, it would be better if you choose a really funny costume.

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It may take a lot of courage to wear funny Halloween costumes and you will definitely need a lot of creativity. It’s understandable why people prepare for this way ahead of time, some even months, so plan ahead.

One Night Stand Costume
One Night Stand Costume

If you have no idea yet of what Halloween costume to wear, here are a couple of suggestions to prime the pump. Some of the most outrageous have already been posted online, so you might want to tinker and play around with some more ideas to come up with something fresh for your outfit.

Household Item – This could surely get your creative juice flowing. You can dress up as anything you want and all you need to do is look inside your house. You can be a television with antenna, a flat iron, a lamp shade, a toilet bowl, a sofa (where the ladies can sit), etc. This will require some handiwork and artistry, but it can be done. Put in a little more effect like a cord that will actually light up a bulb or a flush sound whenever some one pushes the handle of the toilet bowl tank. You have no idea how these hilarious Halloween costumes can generate a big laugh.

Food – Now if you really wish to attract new friends, dressing up in a food costume can do the trick. You can be a pizza, a croissant, Chinese food in a box, a chocolate bar, etc. Of course, you can also use this opportunity to become the favorite food of the person you like. Moreover, you can push the envelope even further if your costume can be edible. Though there would be a problem when you dress up as an edible food, since you will be lightened up or undressed pretty soon with people taking a bite of your outfit.

Banana Flasher Costume
Banana Flasher Adult Costume

Hilarious – This will clearly make you either a genius or an idiot, depending on the idea you’re going to come up with. A lot of people have already tried some bizarre costumes like being a chick magnet, perfect husband, genie (and lamp as your pants), Barbie doll in a box, money honey, etc. You have to think of something that would really shock your friends, but something that will not make you look too silly in front of everyone.

However, finding hilarious Halloween costumes can really make you stand out of the crowd, if you choose the right one. It’s usually rewarding if you elicit loads of laughter from everyone around. As a reminder, just think of something out of this world and outrageous and you’ll surely get the attention that you want this Halloween.

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