Old Time Golf Costume
Adult Old Time Golfer Costume

Costumes with a golf theme are rated as top choices for theme parties and Halloween enthusiasts are increasingly becoming witness to golfer costumes. With the phenomenal growth of Golf as an outdoor sporting activity that is avidly followed around the world, an entire new industry of golf related merchandise, items and accessories are manufactured to cater to golfers. Not just for sports people actually playing the sport, but as costumes for dressing up at special events.

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It is not uncommon to see golfers wearing specific outfits in customized designs and colors to provide comfort and a distinct identity because this is an individual sport that creates frenetic fan following. Some of the fan favorites over the years include Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Ian Poulter, John Daly, Jesper Parnevik, Payne Stewart, Arnold Palmer, Ben Hogan, and Jack Nicklaus. Enthusiasts who love the game also love to sport branded and specially created choices of golf clothing and accessories. From the time of its origin in the 15th century, golf clothing and accessories have gone through sea changes and emerged with more exciting and eye catching designs.

Toddler Golf Costume
Future Golfer Toddler Costume

A golfer costume package will involve finding the right attire and accessories that are prominent on a golf course. Typically, polo shirts in white or other shades are a must. Then there are the specific types of pants known as knickers or golf breeches that are included. These are usually in plaid knit features. The distinct feature of any golfing attire is the knee socks, golf shoes, and golf clubs. The set of golfing attire can be completed with a beanie style beret, hat, or tie in matching plaid knit. These exciting and out-of-the ordinary accessories provide the right touch of eye-catchiness to a themed party or occasion like Halloween.

Sexy Golfer Costume
Women’s Sexy Golfer Costume

The urge to be creative and unique is the bottom-line of any Halloween party and therefore there are toddler golf costumes, baby golfer costumes, classic golf costumes, Halloween golf costumes, golf costumes for women, sexy golfer costumes – the choices and varieties are equally unique. All you need to do is to select the right one from the thousands of varieties and options.

The last of these come with hilarious, sometimes outlandish designs and color coordinates; the idea being the more in-your-face and rib-tickling, the more costume oriented. Creativity, design, and material combine with Halloween spirit to create outfits that are stylish yet over the top. Recent Halloween parties are centered on specific themes like The Well Dressed Golfer, Roaring 20s Golfer, Zombie Golfer, and etc. To introduce an element of the unexpected or scary, the Golf Ball Halloween Mask is a sure bet.

Tiger Woods Costume
Tiger Woods Costume

As always, the internet is host to a wealth of information and online sites vie with each other to give ideas by the dozen; even helping you design your own outfits with minimum effort. For those who prefer to leave the designing to professionals, there are many portals that offer designs at customized rates and throw in shipping charges free as an incentive. Most of these portals also provide links to resources and links on golf and golfer costumes from where you can pick up tips for designing your own Halloween golfer costume.

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