Adult Fred Flintstone Costume
Adult Fred Flintstone Costume

If you ever thought of going as a cartoon character for Halloween, why not try the Flintstones Halloween costumes. Become working class folk from the Stone Ages this Halloween as a caveman from Bedrock.

You can never be wrong with a Flintstones costume on Halloween and you can even make it a theme for your group of friends. The Bedrock fashion has never grown out of style for costume gatherings, and this can be attributed to the overwhelming success of the American cartoon series.

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Adult Wilma Flintstone Costume
Adult Wilma Flintstone Costume

The Flintstones was created by Hannah Barbera which made its television run from 1960 to 1966 on ABC. Through the years, people just couldn’t get over the adventures of The Flintstones family, Fred, Wilma, Pebbles, and Dino and their next door neighbors, The Rubbles, Barney, Betty, and Bamm Bamm. There were spin-offs, television specials, TV Movies, and full length action films. Who can even forget the catchy opening theme of the series? They’re a well loved cartoon because of the recognizability of their costumes, names, voices, and prehistoric technology (using animals).

The Flintstones are bizarre, in a way, living in Stone Age, but have a whole lot of 20th century gadgets like cars, vacuum cleaners, “electric razor”, washing machine, and record players. They eat at restaurants, listen to music, and have neighborhoods and homes just like in modern society. Flintstones are the typical American family, perhaps the reason adults and children look at them as a good costume for Halloween.

Adult Betty Rubble Costume
Women’s Betty Rubble Costume

Wearing Flintstones Halloween costumes is always fun. They’re vibrant and full of color. You’ll be able to enjoy the outfits more if you come as a couple or as a group.

You can always get the ready made basic Flintstones costumes from shops and then just make the adjustments to fit your needs. Of course, you can also create one yourself. Here are some ideas to start from:

Fred Flintstones is the loving father of The Flintstones clan and wears a simple outfit of an orange dress with jagged edges at the hems and spots all over, a common characteristic of the Stone Age. The only distinguishable accessory is his blue tie.

If you want a personalized Fred Flintstones costume, you can get a large orange dress. Get an extra large orange shirt and cut the bottom and sleeves to make it pointed and ragged. For the black triangle spots in Fred’s costume, you can cut several triangles from black colored felt and hot glue them in the clothing. Use a light blue scarf or cloth to make the tie.

Wilma Flintstones on the other hand wears a shoulder baring plain white dress (with the jagged edges) and a white pearl necklace.

Adult Barney Rubble Costume
Men’s Barney Rubble Costume

You can use a large white shirt for Wilma’s outfit. Cut out the part of the shirt that covers the right shoulder to create just one strap for the left shoulder. Trim off the left sleeve and crop the bottom with ragged edges just like Fred’s. You can use some real pearl necklaces or thread small white Styrofoam balls. You would have to dye your hair red and style it in a poofy ponytail to have Wilma’s hair or buy a wig.

You can also bring your cute little one to dress up as Pebbles Flintstones. Use a pink or green shirt large enough for your little girl then cut it so it’s slightly above her knees. Trim the sleeves and cut a V-neck, then crop the bottom with ragged edges. Cut some jagged circles from black felt and glue them onto the shirt. You can find some bloomers or blue shorts for her pants. Style your girl’s hair into a ponytail and then slide in a small sized dog bone as an accessory.

There are actually many variations of the costumes from the Flintstones and if you do decide to buy from costume stores in malls or online, they have varieties from deluxe to sexy outfits.

When you come in Flintstones Halloween costumes to a Halloween costume party, introduce yourself as coming from “the town of Bedrock”. Give your best Fred Flintstones impersonation of “yabba dabba doo” and expect loads of attention for the night.

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