Sexy Cupid Costume
Sexy Adult Cupid Costume

The children’s Cupid costume is well known in pop culture with little wings and his bow and arrow. But cupid costumes have evolved a lot these years. It’s not limited to cute children anymore. Adult Cupid costumes have made a big splash already in costume shops in time for Halloween.

There’s nothing sexier than entering a room in sassy, sexy outfit that takes its inspiration from the personification of romantic love – Cupid.

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Cupid is perhaps the most recognizable figure in Roman mythology. He is the god of erotic love, the son of Venus, goddess of love herself.

Though we’ve seen the majority of child Cupid costumes that present Cupid in what resembles a diaper, the adult costume style does not hold true. Instead, you’ll see frilly, pink, and feminine Cupid inspired costumes.

Sexy Cupid Costumes

Who would not be drawn to short skirts made in silk, satin and lace? All the while, the corseted bodices will emphasize your sexy curves even more. Men will definitely feel attracted to you just like bees that swarm to honey.

Sexy Playboy Cupid Costume
Playboy Sexy Cupid Costume

Cupid costumes come in many varieties of red from deep vermilion red to scarlet pale pink. If you have dark skin tones, you’ll definitely stand out in deep bold red costume. You’ll get away easily in pretty fuchsia pink if you’re fair skinned.

There are actually many selections of styles with a combination of two or more color shades. You’ll definitely have a wide array to choose from to find the one that you will look good in.

Naughty Cupid Costume
Womens Naughty Cupid Costume

For something more revealing, try the sexy red corsets. You can match it with a red mini skirt with layers of silk and satin or with a hip hugging little skirt that will show off your slender sexy curves even more.

Give it a bit of a flirtatious, slinky sway and you’ll have more adulation than the goddess of love Venus.

Bodice style cupid selections are just as feminine, fun, and pretty. It’s relatively modest with the cap-sleeved top, but can subtly be daring nonetheless with the cleavage baring top tube.

Always remember when you choose Cupid style costumes, your objective is to be attractive and desirable, perhaps bring on some rivalry to the other women in costume at the Halloween party.

Cupid Accessories

It would be fun if you get to move around the room and wiggle those cute Cupid wings at the most handsome men of the evening. The costume wings are made from fur, feathers, and fabric and will definitely catch his attention.

Mens Cupid Costume
Mens Adult Cupid Costume

You can complete the look with a little heart halo and the Cupid bow and arrow to point at the heart of the person you want to capture.

You should be able to find a perfect Cupid costume in time for a Halloween party. It will sure turn many heads in your direction once you’ve picked up the right Cupid outfit.

There are a lot of sexy Cupid costumes you can choose from in costume shops and online. But since these are seasonal costumes, they do go out of stock quite fast so it would be better if you buy those that catch your fancy right away.

Cupid costumes are fun to wear, very feminine to say the least and extremely sexy, you can’t help but fall in love in it. Don’t be surprised if men fall for you when they see you wear them.

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