Couples Halloween costumes are very popular because couples often want to look and feel connected. Selecting a costume together can be a great bonding experience and improve the health of a relationship. The preference to dress as a couple rather than as two individuals makes a statement about the bond between two people. The feeling of dressing similarly and being connected both physically and emotionally can be very beneficial. It’s also important that both individuals are comfortable with the costumes you choose in order to make the night as fun and enjoyable as possible.

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Adult Fred Flintstone Costume Adult Wilma Flintstone Costume Couples Marilyn Monroe Costume Couples Joe DiMaggio Costume
Fred Flintstone Men’s Costume Women’s Wilma Flintstone Costume Adult Marilyn Monroe Costume Adult Joe DiMaggio Costume

Couples Halloween costumes unite a couple not only in the temporary personality traits of the characters they choose, but disguises physical differences and keeps the couple united in appearance. Women especially feed off of this connection, as women are more likely to feel an emotional connection from their mate’s willingness to dress in theme, as well as put on the costume and personality of the chosen characters. Studies show that women need more of a visual fantasy than men to become aroused, and couples costumes remind women all evening of the connection between the couple, as well as serving as a constant reminder that they are role playing and letting loose together. With the selection of the right costume, they can be used time and again, from parties to the bedroom. Couples costumes keep couples alive and having fun!

Some costumes simply look out of place without the other half. Dressing as Wilma Flintstone would make a good costume, but showing up with Fred as well makes both costumes great. Having a partner also makes it easier for both individuals to get into the role of the characters they have chosen.

You don’t have to be a “couple” to have fun with couples Halloween costumes. If you’re looking for something different this Halloween, grab a partner. Whether it’s a brother and sister, a couple of friends, or a co-worker, any pair can have fun with couple’s costumes.

Mens Adult Gangster Costume Womens Flapper Costume

20s Gangster
Men’s Costume

Adult Flapper

Become an American gangster of The Great Depression era such as Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, John Dillinger, Bugsy Siegel, or Clyde Barrow. These 20s Prohibition period criminals were turned into celebrities through the stories of their crimes and adventures. Although their names may not have been as famous the gangster molls and flappers of the Roaring Twenties were just as prominent. Bonnie Parker, Ma Barker, and Virginia Hill were just a few of the women who were able to hang tough with the boys.

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Grease Danny Adult Costume Grease Sandy Adult Costume
Grease Danny Costume for Couples Grease Sandy Costume for Couples

Want a costume that will be an an instant classic at your Halloween party? Show up dressed as one of the classic cinematic couples, Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsen from the movie Grease. You’ll feel as if your back at Rydell High with the T-Birds and the Pink Ladies. Take it to a whole new level by bringing a recording of “Summer Nights” and bursting out into song, if you really want to make yourself memorable.


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