Sexy Costumes

Golfer Costumes

Adult Old Time Golfer Costume Costumes with a golf theme are rated as top choices for theme parties and Halloween enthusiasts are increasingly becoming witness to golfer costumes. With the phenomenal growth of Golf as an outdoor sporting activity that is avidly followed around the world, an entire new industry of golf related merchandise, items […]

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Burlesque Halloween Costumes

Sexy Cabaret Dancer Adult Costume There’s been a complete revival of the burlesque era these days. Burlesque Halloween costumes became a big hit at costume parties when Nicole Kidman provided us with a tease in Moulin Rouge. Those “bump and grind” and “twirl tassels” sure got everyone’s attention. The history of burlesque goes back in […]

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Cupid Costumes

Sexy Adult Cupid Costume The children’s Cupid costume is well known in pop culture with little wings and his bow and arrow. But cupid costumes have evolved a lot these years. It’s not limited to cute children anymore. Adult Cupid costumes have made a big splash already in costume shops in time for Halloween. There’s […]

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Superhero Costume Ideas

Adult Batgirl Women’s Costume If you’ve run out of ideas for Halloween costumes, don’t lose heart. Picking a superhero these for a Halloween costume is a surefire shot ten out of ten times. All you need is the time and effort to look through the many superhero costume ideas and make the right choice to […]

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Best Costumes For Halloween 2014

Looking for the Best Costumes for Halloween 2014? Well, look no further because we’ve compiled a list of the hottest, coolest costumes for the coming year. Here are our picks for the top Halloween costumes for 2014. We have covered every category to give you the most comprehensive list of great Halloween costume ideas. New […]

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Mafia Halloween Costumes

Adult Womens Flapper Costume Mafia Halloween costumes attract attention even if it seems to be simple attire. Who could ever resist the unapologetic depth and personality of Vito Corleone as The Godfather? If you’re thinking of any other outfit to keep your friends stunned this Halloween, it’s got to be a Mafia costume. These gangsters, […]

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