Burlesque Halloween Costumes

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Sexy Cabaret Dancer Costume
Sexy Cabaret Dancer Adult Costume

There’s been a complete revival of the burlesque era these days. Burlesque Halloween costumes became a big hit at costume parties when Nicole Kidman provided us with a tease in Moulin Rouge. Those “bump and grind” and “twirl tassels” sure got everyone’s attention.

The history of burlesque goes back in the 18th century as it was the most common form of entertainment for the folks in working class. It’s full of stunning dancers in amazing costumes, elaborate props, and a lot of chorus lines that would leave you breathless.

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Adult Cancan Dancer Costume
Adult Sexy Cancan Dancer Costume

Dressing up for the burlesque, women wanted to dress up like some courtesans, cancan dancers, or saloon girls. Men in particular would go down and dress up as a show patron – top hat with cane, gloves, white bow tie, and the black tuxedo with the tails.

Halloween costume parties often like to draw inspiration from these colorful and lively dresses with a burlesque theme. Here are some things to consider if you plan to dress up as a colorful dancing diva for your next Halloween party.

Listening to some music can get you in the mood for a burlesque dress-up for Halloween. You can listen to ‘Devil with a Blue Dress On’, for instance, to stir up some inspiration of where to start, like the primary color in your costume. You can add accessories to fashion ensemble of your Halloween outfit to make it more revealing, over-the-top, and a little bit of a showgirl look.

Go Moulin Rouge!

Sexy Saloon Girl Costume
Adult Women’s Saloon Girl Costume

Perhaps the best source of costume ideas is the 2001 Baz Luhrman romantic music film Moulin Rouge, though the “Lady Marmalade” music video by Pink, Li’l Kim, Mya, and Christina Aguilera is memorable too. You can watch the film or music video to research and brainstorm your costume design.

Sexy Cancan Dancer Costume
Women’s Burlesque Cancan Dancer Costume

You can base your burlesque Halloween costume on the cancan dancers which usually have the faithful details of the Parisian dancing girls. Their outfits are made up of lots of garters, black stockings, laces, frills, and flaunting peep-show underskirts.

There’s nothing subtle or mute if you’ve seen the burlesque costumes in Moulin Rouge. Ruffles are everywhere with silks and satins, black lace gloves, feathered tiaras, and glittering necklaces as accessories. Bright colors are garish with occasional black accents. Sequined garters, jewelries, and rhinestones add more to the flash glamour and glitz.

Creating Your Burlesque Outfit

Sexy Burlesque Costume
Adult Burlesque Sexy Costume

You can draw on paper the design that you have in mind. Then, list all the garments, apparel, and accessories that you think you will need. You should know the accessories that would go well with these outfits beforehand.

In addition, look in your drawers and closets to see if there’s something you can make use for your costume. Before splurging in a costume shop for accessories, you might be able to find some things that you already have.

Depending on the concept you have in mind, you should have a good idea of the burlesque Halloween costume you want. By creating a fantastic costume you can be confident when you arrive at your Halloween costume party.

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